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Harter-Heighway dragonRep-Tiles: A rep-tile is a plane figure which tiles the plane and can be divided into several smaller copies of itself. From this definition it can be seen that the simply connected attractor of any IFS with a uniform measure and a similarity dimension of 2 is a rep-tile, and all rep-tiles are attractors of IFSs. There an infinite number of rep-tiles, some of which are shown on this page.

metatrapezoidal snowflakeOther Tiling IFSs: There are several classes tilings of the plane by attractors of IFSs which are not tilings by single rep-tiles. These include tilings by self-affine (but not self-similar) figures; tilings by a mixture of grouped element fractals derived from a single base figure; and tilings by figures in which not all copies are the same size.

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